DƐBRIː (2020 - ongoing)

“Dɛbriː” is an ongoing series of works that focuses on exposing the intimate relationship to the day to day – the workshop and the non-hierarchical output. The plaster pieces are casts of collages I compose with scrap material resulting from the working process to generate other artworks. Parts of the materials from the original collages are trapped into the mold and later transfer as debris onto the final casts. I generally end up casting two to three versions from each collage as beside the small debris trapped into the mold, in some cases larger elements fall apart from the original and I repurpose them into other cast iterations. The procedure is repeated until I'm left with no extra elements, hence the possibilities are exhausted. Usually I end up with a maximum of up to three versions, including the damaged original collage that I keep as a work itself, when it survives the mold making operation. Rather than aiming at one final artwork resulting from the efforts put into the routine, these sculptures are all different versions of an original that ceases to exist as such the moment it goes through the molding operation. The resulting iterations serve the mean to reveal the process instead of the final artwork, its textural contaminations and unfinished stages, reflecting on the politics of production and completeness.

Photos by Andrea Rossetti

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