DƐBRIː (2019 - ongoing)

“Dɛbriː” is an ongoing series of works focused on exposing intimate relationships within day-to-day processes. First, I assemble sculptural collages of scrap materials that are left over from other artworks. I use these collages to create molds which I then cast in plaster or resin. Because of the nature of these materials, pieces from the collages naturally get trapped in the mold, destroying the original and becoming part of the final works. I cast each work two or three times until the possibility for it to collect debris is exhausted. The multiple phases of making the works reveal the traces of creation through each component part. The final works are iterative but unique, acting as prints through how they incorporate the degenerative material residue from the collages. Dɛbriː looks at the immediate consequences of high-level manufacturing through the examination of material entropy. This series explores the principle of contamination within industrial processes by their traces, leftovers, and residues. It highlights the role of the un-specialized, practically ignorable materials that have been the building blocks of modernity, where human worlds are constructed and demolished daily.

Photos by Andrea Rossetti

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